dp Elizabeth was fighting a fibroid problem, without even knowing it.

Elizabeth was fighting a fibroid problem, without even knowing it.

Webinar-LifeAfterFibroids-page-v1As a professional figure skater performing up to 3 shows a day, Elizabeth was used to feeling exhausted. But the sensation of a near-heart attack on the ice told her something was really, really wrong. Diagnosed with severe anemia from fibroid-related blood loss, she was told by her doctor to have a hysterectomy.

Elizabeth was 30 years old.

“I remember getting in the car and sobbing the whole way home. I wanted kids. And even if I was someone who didn’t want children, I wanted to have that choice. It was like he was telling me I had no choice.”

Elizabeth did have a choice. A family member, who had been treated by Dr. McLucas at The Fibroid Treatment Collective, told her to make an appointment. Immediately.

“He literally saved my life and career. I called on a Tuesday. Saw him on Wednesday and had the procedure Thursday morning. That Sunday, I showed up for rehearsals with the Carribean Cruise Ice Show.”

And few years later, when Elizabeth was ready, she started a whole new career.
As a mom.

Congratulations Elizabeth, Cedric and Baby Jonathan.
All of us at the Fibroid Treatment Collective are thrilled to be part of your story.

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