Elizabeth was fighting a fibroid problem, without even knowing it.

Webinar-LifeAfterFibroids-page-v1As a professional figure skater performing up to 3 shows a day, Elizabeth was used to feeling exhausted. But the sensation of a near-heart attack on the ice told her something was really, really wrong. Diagnosed with severe anemia from fibroid-related blood loss, she was told by her doctor to have a hysterectomy.

Elizabeth was 30 years old.

“I remember getting in the car and sobbing the whole way home. I wanted kids. And even if I was someone who didn’t want children, I wanted to have that choice. It was like he was telling me I had no choice.”

Elizabeth did have a choice. A family member, who had been treated by Dr. McLucas at The Fibroid Treatment Collective, told her to make an appointment. Immediately.

“He literally saved my life and career. I called on a Tuesday. Saw him on Wednesday and had the procedure Thursday morning. That Sunday, I showed up for rehearsals with the Carribean Cruise Ice Show.”

And few years later, when Elizabeth was ready, she started a whole new career.
As a mom.

Congratulations Elizabeth, Cedric and Baby Jonathan.
All of us at the Fibroid Treatment Collective are thrilled to be part of your story.

Success Story

Michelle ended fibroids. And her fear of early menopause.

"It (fibroids) affected my mood, my energy, I just couldn't seem to have enough energy to do some of the things that I wanted to do with my children and my spouse"

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