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Menstrual Facts & Myths

Fact: there is such a thing as too much bleeding. For both adolescents and premenopausal women, heavy bleeding that requires changing a pad or tampon more than every 2-3 hours, or periods that go on past 7 days can mean something is wrong. For many women and teens this can be regulated through birth control, […]

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Exercise- Fibroids

It is no secret that regular exercise can have a positive effect on your health, most commonly for diabetes and obesity prevention. Yet, exercise can have wider ranging effects than just burning extra calories. It can boost endorphins, the brain chemicals that cause a happy mood, strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system, and even help […]

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Fibroids in Black Women

Fibroids affect more than 40% of women, occurring 3 times more in black women. In fact, studies show that fibroids actually occur more frequently and at younger ages in black women than in women of any other race. For many of these women, younger onset and larger fibroids can lead to very severe symptoms of […]

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Diet Drink Health Concerns

There are many of us who opt for the “diet” version of all our favorite soft drinks. We might even think these diet drinks are healthier compared to its sugary counterpart. However, new studies are showing that these diet drinks are associated to heart problems especially for older women. A study was conducted on women […]

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