Elizabeth was fighting a fibroid problem, without even knowing it.

Webinar-LifeAfterFibroids-page-v1As a professional figure skater performing up to 3 shows a day, Elizabeth was used to feeling exhausted. But the sensation of a near-heart attack on the ice told her something was really, really wrong. Diagnosed with severe anemia from fibroid-related blood loss, she was told by her doctor to have a hysterectomy.

Elizabeth was 30 years old.

“I remember getting in the car and sobbing the whole way home. I wanted kids. And even if I was someone who didn’t want children, I wanted to have that choice. It was like he was telling me I had no choice.”

Elizabeth did have a choice. A family member, who had been treated by Dr. McLucas at The Fibroid Treatment Collective, told her to make an appointment. Immediately.

“He literally saved my life and career. I called on a Tuesday. Saw him on Wednesday and had the procedure Thursday morning. That Sunday, I showed up for rehearsals with the Carribean Cruise Ice Show.”

And few years later, when Elizabeth was ready, she started a whole new career.
As a mom.

Congratulations Elizabeth, Cedric and Baby Jonathan.
All of us at the Fibroid Treatment Collective are thrilled to be part of your story.

Embolization Helped Reclaim My Life

Success story explaining by patient Hope at Fibroid Treatment Collective

“Having fibroids was extremely uncomfortable. I was on my feet all the time, retained water, had lower back problems, bloating and cramping. After a failed myomectomy, I got proactive. I found Dr. Bruce McLucas online and had a consultation and discovered I was a candidate for uterine embolization. Today, I feel happy, I feel confident and I’m fibroid free.” – Kristian

After a myomectomy and surgery complications, Kristian’s fibroids returned. She had a non-surgical treatment called Uterine Fibroid Embolization and was able to reclaim her life.


Embolization Helped Reclaim My Life

Enjoying Life All Over Again

“I knew there were other alternatives to hysterectomy out there. When I heard about the seven to fourteen day recovery (instead of twelve to fourteen weeks with hysterectomy), it definitely caught my attention.” – Alesia

Alesia suffered painful and debilitating symptoms from her uterine fibroid tumors. She knew she had to do something, so she began researching fibroid treatments on the internet. She came across the Fibroid Treatment Collective at www.fibroids.com and found a video of Dr. Bruce McLucas explaining fibroid embolization, a non-invasive alternative to a hysterectomy.

Enjoying Life All Over Again

Free of Fibroids

“I discovered that embolization would be the right treatment for me. Within a week I was back to work. Within 2 weeks, I was running again.” – Kathy

Kathy experienced heavy bleeding, a lot of pain and anemia due to her fibroids. Her doctor recommended a hysterectomy. She did some research online and found the Fibroid Treatment Collective.

“Free of Fibroids”

Saved My Life

“I can’t thank you enough for quite literally saving my life through the Uterine Fibroid Embolization procedure.

Since the procedure in February of this year, I have been free of the primary symptoms that led me to your office: heavy menstrual bleeding that lasted 2-3 weeks, severe back pain accompanying my menstrual cycles, embarrassing accidents during my cycle that limited my ability to be active, and pain and discomfort that affected my work, and outlook on life.

Indeed my health was on a downward spiral, after becoming anemic due to my fibroids and being hospitalized for blood transfusions 3 times in 7 years. By the time I reached your free seminar and spoke to you, I had an enlarged unsightly abdomen, my anemia had started to affect my heart health, and I was discouraged.

You and your staff were so incredible! Since my procedure, I feel so taken care of and so very grateful. I am deeply appreciative of all that you have done for me.

I can’t thank you enough for quite literally saving my life

End of horrible period.

“Immediately, I made an appointment with my doctor to get a myomectomy. He had already given me birth control pills and a Depo Provera shot (which had negative effects for me) and this was his final option besides a hysterectomy. He told me, “Your fibroids will grow back in about 6 months but you’ll definitely see a decrease in the flow of your menstrual cycle.” The procedure included a 4 day 3 night stay at a hospital. There was severe pain after the surgery and soreness during the 3 month healing process. However, I was pleased with the results because my periods were no longer heavy.

One day, I noticed my cycle had become irregular again. I hadn’t noticed but it had indeed been six years since my operation.

My job at that time would not allow for me to be out 3 months nor was I looking forward to the recovery process of major surgery. So, I got second opinions from various doctors; most recommending the same myomectomy procedure. It was through my research on the web that I found Dr. Bruce McLucas at fibroids.com. I lived out of the state at the time so I made an appointment to drive to LA to meet with him. After meeting Dr. McLucas and seeing how knowledgable he was on the subject, I decided to have uterine fibroid embolization. I chose a reasonably priced hotel that was between the airport and the doctor’s office. It was a two day procedure. The first day was completely painless and merely a chance for the doctor to scope the area. The second day was the actual embolization procedure. Under a twilight sleep, there was a slight feeling of discomfort but no real pain during the procedure. Later in the evening, there was heavy cramping but after taking my prescription, it eventually subsided.

Dr. McLucas and his staff were in constant contact with me at the hotel. I had a follow-up exam with Dr. McLucas on the 3rd or 4th day to examine my belly button stitch and the injection sites. On the next day, I was traveling back home. It’s been four years since my embolization procedure and I feel great. I’m in excellent shape, I have a lot of energy, and more importantly, my periods are regular again. I am so thankful that I had this procedure. It has really improved the quality of my life.”

– Pam B.

End of horrible period.

Myomectomy failed. Embolization didn’t.

“Over fifteen years ago I had the traditional myomectomy surgery. My fibroids returned worse than ever resulting in extremely heavy periods, painful intercourse, and distended uterus. After much research, I decided on Dr. McLucas’ uterine embolization procedure. What a breeze! The procedure was over before I knew it; all I had was a tiny incision in the groin and some cramping (no worse than a bad period). I was up and around and eating a full Thanksgiving dinner by the second day! No more heavy periods, a normal uterus and sex is pain free. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

— Cristy S.

Myomectomy failed. Embo didn’t.

Complicated case. Happy ending.

“I was probably one of the more complicated cases due to my anemia and 2 different problematic tumors. Because of this, I ended up having 2 separate procedures, which included a blood transfusion. Due to these factors, my recovery was probably longer than most. The embolization alone was a painless out-patient procedure. I did however have flu-like symptoms but there was no other discomfort. In addition, with the embolization, a patient can get back to regular life in about one week.”

Needless to say, I never have felt better and for the first time in my menstrual life, my periods range from 2-3 days and are light. Hallelujah. And for those of you who want children, I would highly consider this procedure before having a hysterectomy.

So, if you’re looking for a no-sugar coated approach with an extremely professional specialist and pioneer in the field, then I highly recommend Dr. McLucas.”

— T West.

Complicated case. Happy ending.

Escape from hysterectomy

“I started to research other options and I found uterine embolization and Dr. McLucas. I made an appointment and we discussed the procedure. I had the embolization and 7 years later I still know I made the right decision for me. The fibroids have shrunk and my uterus is back to a normal size. I don’t have the urgency to urinate or suffer from constant constipation. My periods are manageable and I don’t have to worry about taking a change of clothing.

The best part for me is I didn’t need to have a hysterectomy and my recovery time was minimal. I spent the first night in the hospital for pain management, but by the next morning I was ready to go home and take it easy for that first day. After that I was up and doing my own work around the house. I didn’t require anything for pain after the first day. After a couple of days, I was ready to return to work. I am so happy uterine embolization was a choice for me. I am happy with the results and I know I made the right decision. Thank you, Dr. McLucas.”

— Kathy G.

Escape from hysterectomy

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